Do be considerate and respectful towards other Garden users.
Do shut the gate when you go in and out of the Garden
Do keep an eye on what your children are doing in the Garden, for their own safety and for the wellbeing of the Garden and its users. Refer to the rules for children and the playground
Do take your rubbish home with you
Do let WBM know if you are planning to have a party in the Garden. Refer to the Party Rules
Do put your barbecues on the gravel path, not on the picnic tables or on the lawn. Refer to the Barbecue Rules
Do leave the picnic tables clean for other Garden users after you have used them
Do apply for authorisation if you want to bring your dog into the Garden. Refer to the Dog Rules
Do return your Garden key fob to WBM when you move house. You can get your deposit back. 
Do always pick up your dog’s poo and put it in the dog bin – our most frequent complaint is about dogs fouling the Garden. Refer to the Dog Rules
Do report damage or anyone not abiding by the Garden rules


Don’t pass your key on to anyone else when you leave the area
Don’t play any ball games in the Garden
Don’t lend your key to people who are not Garden members. They can come in only as your guests when you are present
Don’t climb trees, railings or benches
Don’t let non-keyholders into the Garden, unless they are your guests
Don’t reserve a picnic table before you are going to use it
Don’t leave children under the age of ten to play in the Garden unaccompanied by an adult
Don’t leave cigarette stubs lying on the grass. For safety reasons and because children play in the garden, a portable ashtray could be brought with you.