Garden Keys


If you wish to become a keyholder to the Garden, please remember that the peace and quiet offered by the Garden is precious to its users.

Who can apply for a Garden Key

Nevern Square Garden Limited. is governed by the terms of the Kensington Improvement Act 1851. This has the following implications:

  • Any Council Tax paying occupiers and their households of the houses and flats which are deemed under the Act to be wholly within Nevern Square, that is numbers 1 to 13, 17 to 24, 28 to 42, 47 to 58 Nevern Square, together with numbers 1-21, 23, 25, 27, 29 and 31 Rupert House, who pay the annual Garden Levy are entitled to apply for one key per household.

  • Residents of houses and flats at numbers 14-16, 25-27A, 43-46, 60-63 and 52-53 Nevern Square (Rupert House, not paying the Garden Levy through their Council Tax), 27-32 & 34 Nevern Place and All houses and flats on Nevern Road may apply to be subscribers by contacting WBM.

  • For avoidance of doubt, numbers 20, 29-31, 50 and 59 Nevern Square are excluded from being eligible to apply to be subscribers.

How to apply

All key matters are dealt with by WBM to whom applicants should apply via email.

Eligible individuals will be required to produce the originals of their current Council Tax bill and a recent utilities bill, each showing them to be the account holder/occupant at the relevant address. When an application is accepted, a key fob deposit of £50 will be required and the keyholder must undertake, in writing, to abide by the Garden By-Laws. The key fob will then be issued.

For subscribers, a subscription fee will be payable with the key deposit. Subscriptions run from 1 April to the following 31 March and applications for the following year should be made by 1 March, with all subscription fees payable in advance. There is no automatic right to renew a subscription.


  • All keyholders are bound by the Garden Rules.

  • Every key fob is personal to the holder and must never be passed on to any new or prospective resident, whether or not the property has been re-let or sold. If a keyholder moves from the registered address WBM must be notified and the key fob returned for a refund of the key fob deposit. No such refunds will be made to anyone returning a key fob which was not issued to them personally.

  • If a key fob is lost a full deposit will be payable for a replacement.

  • The access rights associated with key fobs are refreshed regularly and all keyholders are required to demonstrate their continued eligibility to hold their key fob during the key fob refresh period by providing up to date originals of their current Council Tax bill and a recent utilities bill, each showing them to be the account holder/occupant at the relevant address. Key fobs are renewed over two or three weekends which will be advertised well in advance. A keyholder unable to attend on the selected dates should contact WBM in advance to make other arrangements. Any keyholder failing refresh their key fob on the designated dates may have their key fob disabled and should visit WBM in person to refresh their key fob by demonstrating that they remain eligible for a key fob.

  • Any keyholder who persistently breaches the By-Laws is liable to be warned, and if they continue in such breaches their key fob may be disabled.