Children &
THE Playground



We hope you and your children will enjoy using the Garden. It is wonderful way of getting to know other families.

To ensure that the Garden can be enjoyed by everyone, please teach your children these Garden rules:


  • Don’t pick the flowers or go on the flower beds

  • Don’t play football or other ball games; small children may play with soft balls

  • Don’t cycle on the grass (cycling is only allowed on the gravel path)

  • Don’t climb trees

  • Don’t urinate in the Garden or leave any nappies

  • Don’t touch the water hoses and taps

  • Don’t walk or jump on the sandpit cover

  • Don’t transport the sandpit sand or the gravel onto the lawn

  • Try not to disturb other Garden users who may want to have a quiet time

  • The baby swings are intended for small children; older children who are too big to fit inside the bucket seats should not be using them

Guidelines for parents:

  • Always replace the sandpit cover when you leave the Garden. This is to protect the sand from rain and animals using it for other purposes.

  • Please limit the number of your guests to not more than 2 adults and 4 children at any one time (unless you have asked permission to hold a party), and remember that ultimately you, the keyholder, are responsible for the behaviour of your guests

  • Please remove all toys from the garden that you have brought in. Toys left overnight in the Garden may be taken to the charity shop

We rely on your children adhering to the rules to ensure everyone can enjoy the Garden.

Please help enforce these rules with your children and do not take offence if you find your children being asked by another keyholder to do so.