Nevern Square Garden is one of the few gardens in the Borough which, as a special privilege, continues to allow a limited number of dog owners to take their dogs into the Garden.

Only dogs that are authorised by WBM are allowed in the Garden. Dogs that are allowed in the Garden can be identified by a Nevern Square Garden dog tag and their photo on the website. 

You can see a list of the Dogs which are registered here.


The Garden has a zero tolerance policy to any of the Dog Rules being broken. If any of the rules are broken, the registered Garden user of the dog will have access to the Garden immediately suspended for six months.

Any dogs that receive consistent complaints of nuisance from multiple Garden users may also be banned from the Garden.

Any Garden user who brings an unregistered dog into the garden, even when accompanied by an authorised dog, will have their access to the garden suspended for three months.

The number of authorised dogs is limited to 40. Beyond the authorised limit, there is a wait list. Please contact WBM if you wish to apply for permission for your dog to access the Garden.

All such dogs will be interviewed and checked to ensure that they are well behaved and safe with children, people and other dogs.

Owners of all authorised dogs must agree, in writing, to abide by the Dog Rules set out below and it is incumbent upon them to pick up all dog mess, bag it and dispose of the bags in a dog waste bin. There is a plastic scoop under the dog waste bin provided in the south-east corner of the Garden in case an owner forgets to bring a bag. The Garden is not a dog loo!!!!

Dog Rules

These Rules define the conditions for the admission of dogs to Nevern Square Garden and set out the accepted norms for the control of dogs by their owners when in the Garden. They aim to the foster peace and harmony of the entire community of Garden members using this shared amenity.

Applications for the admission of dogs to Nevern Square Garden

  1. Only levy-paying Garden members may apply to bring their dogs into the Garden.

  2. A ballot will be conducted shortly before 1 April each year to determine which of the dogs will be authorised to access the Garden for the period 1 April to 31 March, subject to the dog and owner satisfying the application criteria. The number of entries per household in the ballot will depend on the length of time resident in Nevern Square. There is no automatic right to renew a dog’s authorisation

  3. Unsuccessful applicants will be added to a waitlist

  4. Applicants will be required to provide the following information for their dog to be considered as part of the approval process. All information to be emailed to WBM:

    • Email/letter from the vet confirming that all of the dog’s vaccinations are up to date (applies to all applicants, including applicants wishing to renew a dog’s membership)

    • Completion of the dog application form (name, breed, age, sex, neutered, colour, vet details) (new applicants only)

    • Photo (new applicants only)

  5. All dogs and owners will be interviewed to ensure that the dog will not represent a danger or nuisance to Garden members, children or other dogs and that the owner is able to control the dog adequately

  6. All newly authorised dogs will be subject to a probationary period of three months, after which the authorisation for the remainder of the first year will be confirmed.

  7. The number of authorised dogs belonging to any one key-holder or key holding household may not exceed two at any time.

  8. If an owner acquires a second dog in addition to an already authorised dog, the new dog may not be brought into the Garden until it has been authorised following waitlisting (if applicable) and interviewing.

  9. On the loss or death of any authorized dog the authorisation ceases and does not pass to any replacement dog in the same household unless the replacement dog has satisfied the application criteria. A new application must be made for each dog.

  10. Dog membership is payable in advance on an annual basis (starting 1 April). The dog membership fee is £150 per year, per dog.

  11. If a dog owner no longer wishes to bring an authorised dog into the Garden, the owner is asked to notify WBM. As the number of dogs allowed to use the Garden is strictly limited, this will allow a dog on the waiting list to be interviewed and authorised.

  12. Dogs breeds listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 will not be authorised for admission into the Garden.

Rules for dog behaviour in the Garden

  1. Owners must have a lead with them when they bring their dogs into the Garden.

  2. Dog owners should ensure their dog first goes to the bathroom before letting their dog off the leash.

  3. All dog mess must be picked up, bagged and the bag placed in a dog bin (there are bins outside the North and South Gates and also inside the Garden in the South-East corner next to the garden shed).

  4. Dogs must be on a leash when children are in the garden, unless the adults accompanying the children agree to the dog being off the leash.

  5. Dogs must be put on a leash when anyone in the Garden requests.

  6. Dogs must be kept on a leash when in the Garden after dusk – a short leash is recommended as you may not be able to see where your dog has fouled.

  7. If the dog behaves in a way which alarms or harasses other Garden users (especially children and people sitting or lying on the grass) it must be put on a leash immediately.

  8. If the dog behaves in a way which threatens another dog present in the Garden or alarms the owner of another dog it must be put on a leash immediately.

  9. Dogs must be kept off the flowerbeds. Apart from damaging the plants, the gardeners have to clean up dog mess, and that is time consuming and unpleasant for them and not a good use of the Garden budget. Additionally, there may be rats and foxes behind the shrubbery, which may bite a dog.

  10. Dogs must be kept out of the sandpit. Dogs think of sand as a loo, and in turn the scent encourages other dogs.

  11. Dogs must not be allowed to dig holes in the lawn or soil. They are dangerous to walkers and take time (and expense) to refill and reseed.

  12. Dogs must not be brought into the Garden by children under the age of 13.

  13. The Committee establishes restrictions on the hours in which dogs may be brought into the Garden in the months from April to October in order to reduce disturbance to other Garden users and especially children: these are indicated on the Garden notice boards.

Please remember that people sit and play on the grass and the gardeners need to work in the garden beds. Also, dog behaviour which seems quite harmless to you may be frightening for people who are not used to dealing with animals.