Party bookingS

For parties over 15 people


Please email WBM at to arrange a booking


It is the party organiser’s responsibility to ensure that any guest who has access to the Garden understands all of the garden rules and regulations of the Garden, and abides by them. Remember, no ball games. Leave the frisbees, cricket wickets, badminton sets, golf clubs and croquet sets at home too please if you are having a party with adults.

Any breach of the Garden Rules, including these guidelines or the bye-laws by the Owner or any guest may result in a penalty, the nature and extent of which will be determined by Nevern Square Garden Limited. Such penalties may be financial and may include the deactivation of the Garden User’s key fob. 


  • Key fobs may only be used by the Garden User responsible for the party and their guests. It must not be copied or loaned to anyone else.

  • The gates must never be left open and unattended, even for a short periods.
    For the avoidance of doubt, attended means that someone is physically standing by the gate and making sure non-key holders are not allowed entry.


This is a small, private garden where young children play; it is absolutely critical that your guests respect this and use your private toilet as necessary.

The Garden User responsible for the party must commit:

  • To brief their guests that none of the bushes or paths or communal areas should be used as a toilet

  • To ensure that toilet facilities are made available on their property for guests

  • To ensure during the party that guests are not using the bushes as a toilet.


  • The water in the garden is not suitable for drinking and only used for the maintenance of the garden

  • Electricity is not provided


The Garden User hosting events are responsible for their own health and safety and that of their guests, suppliers and service providers. Nevern Square Garden Limited may require a copy of the health and safety plan, risk assessments and method statements for equipment, entertainment and activities prior to any event.


The Garden User is responsible for any injuries, accidents or damage to the Garden or any person or property during the party. It is the Garden User’s responsibility to ensure that they have whatever public liability or other insurance is adequate for the purposes of their party. In particular, Garden Users using outside entertainers, or outside equipment (especially bouncy castles), must make sure that these outside providers have the proper insurance. Nevern Square Garden Limited may require a copy of the relevant insurance policy prior to any event and may require the right to claim directly under the policy.

Nevern Square Garden Limited will not be responsible in any way for any act of damage or negligence caused by third parties given access to the Garden by any Garden User holding a party in the garden and the Garden User shall indemnify Nevern Square Garden Limited for all loss it or any other Garden User may suffer as a result of the acts or omissions of the Garden User holding the party or any third party given access to the Garden by any Garden User.